Tonefrenzy.Com started in 1997 to post audio demos of vintage, rare effects pedals and a variety of guitar oriented music gear. We'd found lots of writing about playing, but very little to listen to.  We were experienced guitar players, and felt posting audio would have some originality and value; so we jumped on it! 
Tonefrenzy Store came together as we quickly discovered bandwidth and storage was very expensive in 1998!  Now, Tonefrenzy Store is central to our Website, with plans to expand our business. We carry the full line of GS Wyllie hand made pedals, plus ZVex effects and Electro Harmonix gear, and more, and will be featuring vintage, rare pedal effects, and old guitars for sale too.  
Blogging is good for exchanging ideas; please check out Tonefrenzy Blog pieces on vintage, rare, boutique gear we've owned and articles on guitar and recording gear, bands and "survivers of stage & clubs". You'll also find stories about prototypes we've known and loved, circuits we're working on now, great players and how some gear came be. We're having some guest spots too, and *YOU* may be one of them!  Plus...special-interest rants, politics and harmless craziness.  
Lastly: Tonefrenzy Store customers: We're still getting organized! Please write to confirm availability of gear before you pay for it!  We'll be correcting details for a while, and want to avoid wasting your time. Thanks for visiting!  
Tonefrenzy: "A disheveled, throbbing place for the comings and goings of tone loving transients." - Paraphrased from Robert Kaufman

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