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VA Boss Hand Clapper HC-2

Boss Hand Clapper HC-2

Boss HC-2 Hand Clapper observed! One day while aimlessly zapping between stations; this reporter saw a guy who appeared to be repeatedly striking himself between the legs! Yow! Our area is one; where you might & occasionally do, see extraordinarily bizarre activities, on TV! 

Hard to shock at this point; I turned the sound up, and the camera angle changed: there was a band playing on "Public Access TV". The lead singer had a Boss HC-2 Hand Clapper, taped to cables suspend from his belt. He wacked away at it with a drum stick, as he sang. In a distinct shift lately; of many bands trying to"do something" while playing, he created a rather distracting "visual". without having to invest time, or energy in choreography. 

The sound quality of the Hand Clapper is quite decent; especially if sweetened with an expansive delay, and run through some well EQed 12, or 15 inch speaker enclosures. It's easy to use the Sensitivity, Dry, and Hall knobs, to select an appropriate clapping effect. The pad you strike to trigger the effect, would still be compact at two to three times, is present size. However; an external input option is fully available, to those not possessed of Jazz drumming accuracy. (They often practice accuracy on a drum pad with a tiny circle on it, smaller than the hand clapper). 

Here's another angle on recording this device for Tonefrenzy. To have something useful for visitors to compare, we did one set of recordings direct to hard drive, at 24 bit/96K sampling rate. That's very good quality audio. However; no attempt was made to EQ the Clapper, no added punch from running it through a big Amp with four 12 inch speakers, no delay/repeats/doubling: No "sweetening". As a result, you hear the effect as it is; rather that how it can be: all filled out, and mixed with several other sounds. 

We saw someone selling a Clapper, who referred buyers to our sample recording, saying it was "recorded in poor quality". Clearly, he didn't read how the device was recorded. It's not that great on it's own, sorta like blaming us, that: "His Hamburger was served without cheese, or a bun". Here is the actual letter we sent the seller, explaining our desire to record a reasonably honest representation, others could compare & recreate: we care about that. Please take a moment to scan our comments, it might enrich your experience at the web site. (the seller didn't respond to our e-mail). 

Our e-mai to seller: Hi e2e (name changed): Thank you for crediting us for audio of the hand clapper. Thanks for your real feelings, that the device is recorded "in poor quality". 

We considered different views on how everything in the signal path effects sound. We decided: a set of uniform recordings would be honest, more meaningful. 

Most effects sound different through various Amps & speakers. The hand clapper sounds very different through a half stack, Fender Princeton, a PA, or Jensen C-15N. 

We didn't want to fake out visitors, w/ signal paths most can't match/afford. Does the hand Clapper sound better through a '68, Plexi Marshall half stack? You better it does! The Amp adds heft & punch that the Clapper doesn't have. A Clapper salesman would prefer this sample. 

Going direct to disk, seemed honest as possible. Especially at 24 bit/96K sampling rate we used. That's exactly how the unsweetened Clapper sounds. 

The scientific types loved the uniform approach. They tend to be the most "vocal". You can certainly hear what the effects do, on their own. 

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